How many policies are issued?
The entire program is limited to 15,000 contracts within the age limit of under 77 years. Multiple signups consequently reduce the number of participants. Limit - 50 policies per member.

What kind of payment possibilities are available?
Perfect Money, C-Gold and BTC.

Can I sign up more than once for the payment of insurance?
Yes you can. As in normal life you can hold more than 1 policy.

Can I sign up my entire family and place them in my downline?
Yes you can. Everyone will get his/her own URL for advertising. Also it is possible to pay the one-time fee from the same account from Perfect Money, C-Gold and BTC.

Do I have to pay taxes for the paid amounts?
We're not giving any information to your tax office. Every member is responsible for his/her own taxes according to local laws. Please do not consider this as tax advice.

After payment of the insurance, how long will this amount in your account?
The amount of insurance is done by hand. Referral payments too. It takes from 1 to 24 hours.

Is it possible that my subscription will be rejected?
Normally not. In case you provide false data or submit such false data this could be the case.

What kind of documents do I have to provide for identification?
Until July 10, 2018 we'll ask you to verify your data by a copy of your ID-card or passport. This mail includes the address where the Banking documents should be shipped to.

How do I get the bank documents?
All documents will be sent to the specified postal address by the courier service UPS.

How much insurance do I get?
1. Basic Insurance for $10,000.
2. Standart Insurance for $35,000.
3. Expert Insurance for $80,000.
4. VIP Insurance for $100,000.

To which account will the funds be paid?
Funds for purchased policies will be credited to an offshore bank account in Belize. It will open for each member, after purchasing one and a ball of GPC policies.

Is there an alternate way of payment?
Every member is free in his(her) decision regarding to which account he wishes to have his funds transferred. Any bank connection all over the world is possible.

Access to my account is blocked. What could be the reason for that?
Access could be blocked by the admin because of a breach of rules i.e. SPAM.

I forgot my passphrase, what do I do?
Please use either one of both possibilities, sign up confirmation or access data at our website.

Are there any fees with your payment being deducted?
No, there are no fees at all.

Questions and problems. How do I direct my Questions?
In this case please use the contact button and submit your question. Please allow us adequate time.

Do you have a referral program? Yes, 3 levels of referrals: 10% - 5% - 3%.

How many members/referrals can I sign up?
As many as you want.

Will all members be treated equally?

What do you earn from this program?
We'll get our percentage from every single policy, provided we get the declaration of assignment for the policy, otherwise we'll not be paid. Consequently that means, it is in our highest interest to serve you. Our support will give you full assistance at all times.

Which bank or what insurance company backs you?
Imagine what would happen if we released that information! We would probably have to hire 100 extra people answering the question if the program is for real. Look at it from the point of our competitors. How would other banks and insurance companies react?

Did not find an answer? Contact us at SUPPORT.


July 12, 2018.

July 15, 2018 - closing purchases of policies.

From 16 to 31 July 2018 - registration of banking, insurance documents, etc. (you do not have to do anything);

Delivery of documents and debit cards (MC or VISA) by the courier service of the UPS, Internet access to the offshore account will be from 1 to 10 August 2018.
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July 8, 2018.

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July 6, 2018.

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